Current Projects




Diverse initiatives and cooperation partners have joined forces to evolve, the harbinger platform employing artificial intelligence to leverage direct citizen participation via the Internet.

As many experts claim, swarm intelligence can help us all: politically, economically, ecologically and socially. Accessible citizen participation spurs swarm intelligence and promotes a valuable new pillar of democracy.


Global Governance by Cooperative Communities

This is our design for “A New Shape – Remodeling Global Cooperation”, the Global Challenges Foundation contest, where we reached the finals of the best 14 of 2702 submissions from 122 nations.

Collective Solutions Network

This is our interface to other innovative co-designers of positive social change.


 Together with other initiatives, we are working on novel citizen participation formats that employ digital possibilities (albeit not exclusively), including an Online Tool for Systemic Consensus.

Societal Engineering Initiative

We are developing our model for stepwise implementation of a sustainable societal model of the future.

Additional project initiatives


We support various projects that create positive impact via direct interpersonal contact.

PacElNoroc itself

Would you like to contribute your energy to PacElNoroc? Anything is possible. Perhaps you have wishes, suggestions, ideas; or you want to launch a project, could imagine one thing or another, want to find interchange and action, or help in the development of our website... (For example, we need web designers and illustrators.) Drop us a line: contact.