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Global Governance by Cooperative Communities

Unser Entwurf für „A New Shape – Remodelling Global Cooperation“, den Wettbewerb der Global Challenges Foundation, mit dem wir im Finale der besten 14 von 2702 Einreichungen aus 122 Ländern vertreten sind:

Global Governance by Cooperative Communities
The submission proposes a parallel global governance structure consisting of an international cooperative entity of local communities that collaborate on a wide range of local, regional, and global topics and challenges. Local voluntary communities can apply for membership in the global organization and can then select representatives to a global assembly. This assembly forms an equivalent of a government from its ranks. The structure also includes an equivalent of a judicial branch. A new kind of global IT platform, a reliable and secure open source network, connects the local communities with each other. The platform supports the structure’s decision-making process, with characteristics from both direct democracy and representative democracy.
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